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. tonight in the eyes of the law, jerry sandusky is a sexually violent predator. he's in a state prison reception center where he's being evaluated, so officials can figure out exactly where he'll be imprisoned. brian? >> john yang after spending the day at the courthouse in pennsylvania for us, john, thanks. >>> overseas now, look at what happened when german chancellor angela merkel visited greece today. her first visit since that nation's meltdown began. police clashed with thousands of protesters. angry at germany for imposing tough austerity measures on greece in return for a bailout. merkel was there to support greece's embattled prime minister, who said his country is flatout exhausted. germany happens to be the most powerful economic engine in all of europe, and has a lot of sway in economic matters. >>> it's been four weeks since the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed our ambassador and three other americans. and in this political season, the attack is increasingly becoming a political issue. a congressional committee will hold big hearings tomorrow. a preview to
between us was the color of our skin. >> reporter: she says the state law that guarantees the top 10% of graduates makes the university racially diverse enough. 29% hispanic, 6% black. but the university says that considering race is one factor in making sure they admit enough with diversity. >> what is important is that they have the ability to see that not all are the same, regardless of their ethnic economic background. >> reporter: the supreme court ruled nine years ago that they can consider race to get a critical mass of students. a decision written by sandra day o'connor. today, they seemed to find it too vague? what is the local end? when will i know that you have reached a critical mass? one justice, does it vary from group to group or state to state? the lawyer from the university of texas says the school looks at all of the student's accomplishments. we want minorities from different backgrounds, he said. but that prompted justice kennedy, likely the critical vote, so what you're saying is that race counts above all. opponents of the affirmative action hope they strike it
for laws or anything, and if they want to cause us harm they're going to do it. >> reporter: this video shot by a hidden camera on his land shows a group of smugglers carrying bales of marijuana, which lad says he sees regularly, also they cut holes like this in the fence, and they drive trucks through it, headed with drugs, he believes, headed for the ranchland. >> the problem is, our government at the highest level doesn't want to admit what the reality is, is that we have been invaded. >> reporter: in surrounding cochise county, arizona, they fear the drug smugglers, especially after the deaths of two agents. >> we have chunks of this country that we've given control to, to armed thugs. >> reporter: this retired official says that washington has ordered fuel supervisors to downplay the threats in rural counties. >> they don't want this story to be told because it is not convenient for a political election for this story to be told. >> reporter: this general, a former u.s. drug czar, and analyst, agrees. >> the border is increasingly lawless in rural areas, and the customs and border
, that it crossed the boundaries of islamic law, officials say they are closing in on the attackers in an overnight raid. three men were arrested, they said they were involved in the attack. but tonight, her condition can be described as satisfactory by a spokesperson. meanwhile, the world is just waiting for her to wake up. >>> amna nawaz, who continues to cover the story for us. >>> the folks who give out peace prizes awarded it to the european union for peace, democratic and human rights. and while most of official europe celebrated, most of europe was shocked. europe is in the middle of a crisis, which has hurt greece, italy and spain. portugal, just this week, they mocked the chancellor on her visit to athens, regarding germany's role and the crippling austerity measures. one person joked that the place up for the prize was antarctica, a country who has always been at peace. >>> still ahead, a nasty chapter in america, turning into history. what ben affleck saw that turned it into history on the big screen. >>> and later, the mom who revealed something many other moms realized was true for the
. >> reporter: more than half of the states in america, including new hampshire, have concussion laws to protect student athletes. at eastern tech in maryland, players take brain function tests to determine if and when they can play after an injury. >> it will tell me how severe my injury is, it will tell me how long i have to get back. >> reporter: banning football altogether may be extreme, but butler's proposal has triggered a passionate debate, forcing the country to take a different look at one of its most cherished pastimes. >>> up next on nightly news, the wild brawl that ended with several arrests. it's no happily ever after. why let constipation slow you down? try miralax. mirlax works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. miralax. >>> tonight the countdown is on. just a couple of hours before the expected launch of the first privately contracted supply mission to the international space station. california-based spacex will attempt to send its drag-in capsule carrying about a thousand pounds of food,
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)